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Three Things People Hate About Your Roof Panels

  1. Some people genuinely don’t like the look of them although they don’t glint in the sun, make any noise and can conceal an otherwise mossy , rather unattractive tiles . They will get used to them just as they have grown to like upvc windows , velux windows and even dormer windows. It is a challenge to install panels on much older properties and slate tiles but the technology will soon produce affordable panels that will merge into these environments
  2. They believe they are paying for you to have your panels through the electricity bills that they pay. Its true enough that the element of subsidy is funded this way but in effect we are all paying for future reductions in emissions and fossil fuel consumption. The truth is that you are the one that has dipped into your savings to do this and the challenge is really why people who have got a south facing roof are not doing the same as you.
  3. The fact that your roof is earning good tax free income at a time when our homes just seem to soak away whatever spare cash we have and no prospect of house prices going up any time soon. Its tempting to go on about this particular point in company but I suggest you use this website to share your good fortune with others in a similar position and let those who don’t want to hear about it rest in peace!

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