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National Solar Centre – Cornwall

I was at the launch of the National Solar centre last week. It was held in the grandeur of the Academy for Engineering just off Pall Mall and  Greg Barker (Climate Change Minister) came along between Parliamentary debates to give it his blessing – so it must be important  and I’m glad I was there.

The NSC wants to be an important institution not just in UK but globally so it can  compare itself to the Met Office and other globally known independent bodies.and others.  Let’s hope this wish comes true but they will have to start with just 4 people manning their newly built office in St Austell Cornwall. So it will be a long journey and I’m already seeing a lot in common with

So what do we have in common with the National Solar Centre?

NSC’s aim: To deliver independent research, knowledge and advice for the UK solar sector mainly for solar farm projects, housebuilders, BIPV producers ie the bigger users’s aim : To deliver independent knowledge , research data, advice and support for domestic UK pv owners and users.

So it looks like we have something to offer the NSC. Another resource that will help them build up an important database on just how well the UK’s domestic  pv panels are operating.  In return the NSC can provide domestic pv users with lots of great ideas on how to get the most out of their panels.

As we build our community of users we hope to build a constructive relationship with the NSC

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