Monitor Meter Mayday!

(This happened in May so I thought you’d forgive the headline.)
I’d been away for a few days and also the weather continued its gloomy theme. You know what its like –there are some days when you just don’t want to know how little your panels are producing (although it’s quite impressive how much they still generate despite the murk) – and busy travelling around so solar is not first thing on your mind.
However I eventually thought it was time to put another reading into when- horror of horrors – the monitor was flatlining! Quick check of the meter in cupboard showed that the consumer unit next to the generation meter had ‘tripped’.
I could see from my monitor that the pv had been dead for about a week.
So I switched the consumer unit RCD (in the photo its on the right above the generation meter. Both of its switches are up in the ‘on’ position) back to ‘on’ and within a minute or two the inverter was up and running and again. You can tell this as the generation meter starts to pulse its light again.
I spoke to my installer who said that this will occasionally happen to your inverter and might be caused by an external power spike somewhere – even from your neighbours doing some work. If it happens often then you need your system looked at.
It’s the first time in over 2 years of operation that this has happened so I can only guard against it by regularly reading the monitor or meter and might as well update at same time
It’s also a call to investigate devices or apps that might alert you to when it happens so you lose very little power if it happens. Please let me know if anyone’s got such a thing.

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