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Five Things You Should Really Know About Your Solar Panels

  1. They may well perform differently to other equivalent power panels. Your panels may have been sold to you ‘one of the best in the market’ but it would be good to see if they really are
  2. A tiny amount of shading of your roof produces a disproportionate reduction in your roof’s generation capability . Satellite dishes can be moved, trees can be cut back so it would be good to find out the moment your panels start losing power
  3. The 25 year performance guarantee your panels came with are pretty low down on the richter scale of ‘enforceable guarantees ’.  You should know how well your panels maintain their performance level compared to all the other panels in your area. Armed with this information you will have real evidence to judge whether your panels are meeting their performance guarantees
  4. Your panels could be worth something to you when you move. It would be good to build a national picture of what value house sellers get for their panels and the remaining feed in tariff payments and bill reductions that go with them
  5. Only the person named on the FIT register is able to change the register. So it would appear  quite possible to move home and still collect the feed-in tariff from your old house! You may need to install a smart generation meter so the supplier can remotely read it but the new house owner will presumably let the panels do their work to reduce the electricity bills even if they are not willing to purchase the right to years of FIT payments.

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