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Cleaning our Panels

Lovely clean panels

Lovely clean panels

How often do we clean our panels? And how do we do it? Ourselves? Employ a contractor?

Some installers claim their panels, if placed on steep pitch will ‘self-clean’. I’m not so certain about this. In particular bird droppings will probably have a disproportionate effect on panel performance but are difficult to remove by a power hose for example unless you act quickly. And even the most passionate solar power owners do not spend all day staring at their panels!

On the positive side I think snow sliding off panels may well have a beneficial effect.

If you use a professional cleaning service it will be really useful to log your readings before and after to see what difference you think it might make to the average.

Let’s keep each other posted on what works best.

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    I cleaned our solar panels for only the second time in three years and noticed a marked increase in power generated, especially on a sunny day…I’d say approximately 10 to 15% increase actually…I’ll be doing them again in October and in March of 2014…Bird droppings and a fine dusty/sandy film are the main culprits for the decrease I’d say…A half hour just twice a year is time well spent in my opinion.

    June 10, 2013