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Cleaning our Panels

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Some installers claim their panels, if placed on steep pitch will ‘self-clean’. I’m not so certain about this. In particular bird droppings will probably have a disproportionate effect on panel performance but are difficult to remove by a power hose for example unless you act quickly. And even the most passionate solar power owners do not spend all day staring at their panels!

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Monitor Meter Mayday!

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(This happened in May so I thought you’d forgive the headline.)
I’d been away for a few days and also the weather continued its gloomy theme. You know what its like –there are some days when you just don’t want to know how little your panels are producing (although it’s quite impressive how much they still generate despite the murk) – and busy travelling around so solar is not first thing on your mind.
However I eventually thought it was time to put another reading into when- horror of horrors – the monitor was flatlining! Continue reading “Monitor Meter Mayday!” »

The latest feed-in tariff table

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It took a little while to find this table but it gives you all the latest tariffs after the 3.1% RPI adjustment.
For most of us household users a simple way of calculating the income due is to multiply our kwh generation by the feed-in tariff plus half of the published export tariff. For example, if your retrofit system dates from 2011 , is less than 4kwp then the income henceforth would be kwhs generated X 48.46p (i.e. 46.81 plus half of 3.3).
So 1000kwhs would produce £484.60. Happy generating!
FIT Tariff Table 1 April 2013 PV Only

April 1st – Don’t be fooled

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April 1st is an important day for solar microgenerators  (the posh term for you and me and other UK users of  Lest we forget, it’s the day that the feed-in tariff allocated to your installation is increased by RPI inflation. So it’s also a very good day to log on to OnYour and enter your meter reading. Continue reading “April 1st – Don’t be fooled” »

Four Myths About Investing in Solar Roof Panels

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The recent run-in that the Government had over its decision to reduce the tariff for new installations has served to reinforce just how obligated by law they are to pay you the agreed tariff when you buy them. Recent court decision has shown that it is illegal for the government to give short notice of impending changes to future tariffs let alone try to change the tariff for existing roof panel owners! Continue reading “Four Myths About Investing in Solar Roof Panels” »