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April 1st – Don’t be fooled

April 1st is an important day for solar microgenerators  (the posh term for you and me and other UK users of  Lest we forget, it’s the day that the feed-in tariff allocated to your installation is increased by RPI inflation. So it’s also a very good day to log on to OnYour and enter your meter reading.

It’s always good to log in with your readings but April 1st is particularly important  because very often your electricity supplier will be asking  for  your readings themselves some time afterwards, possibly as late as June 1st.  When suppliers collect readings for May 1st or June 1st the quarterly FIT payment they make will include a guesstimate of what the reading would have been on April 1st.

Unsurprisingly these guesstimates are often higher than the actual reading for April 1st and therefore your FIT income will be based more on the lower old rate prior to the RPI increase. So just to avoid an inadvertent April fool being played on you, just send them your meter reading for April 1st as soon as you can. If you do this your supplier will happily use the reading in its FIT calculation for you

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