About OnYourRoof.com

OnYourRoof.com is fully independent with no commercial interest in any solar panel manufacturers or installers. Our primary goal is to provide the increasing number of microgenerators (nearly half million are now registered with solar panels) with realtime information on how well their panels are performing. As someone who purchased  solar panels  soon after the UK Feed In Tariffs were introduced in 2010, I believe there is a need for a truly independent site which will enable solar microgenerators like myself to benefit from each others experiences and ideas. The focus of this site will be to give each user a picture of how well their panels are performing compared to to the average in their area. Specifically it will enable them to track whether their panels are degrading faster than the average. Armed with this information the site users can then take steps to improve their power generation. We share the best ways to improve panel performance most of which is within our control but we will also develop a network of experts who can help with the more technical issues.

I have already managed a community club project to install a 10kw array of panels. I spoke to many different installers and was offered many makes of solar panels . I noticed just how different the advice of installers can be and also how all panel manufacturers unsurprisingly claim to have the edge of their rivals.  I believe it will be a service to future buyers of panels if this site can build up a database of our experiences as users as well as continuing to support its existing users make the most from their ageing panels.

I intend that the basic use of this site and the simple user graph it generates will be free for all users. It has been designed to maintain absolutely confidentiality for users whilst giving opportunities to share as much information as they wish. As time goes by, I will seek to fund the running of this site through advertising but not so that it will be obtrusive to users or in any way compromise the independence of the website.  The more advertising income the site can generate, the more services it can provide for its users.